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ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference: Vancouver, 2008
SIGMOD: Call for Workshops

The 2008 SIGMOD/PODS Conference will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada, from June 9 to 12. As usual, we expect to have several workshops collocated with SIGMOD/PODS, either sponsored or co-sponsored by SIGMOD, or held in cooperation with SIGMOD. The deadline for receipt of proposals for workshops is December 21 2007.

Unlike in previous years, all workshops will happen after the SIGMOD conference. As has been customary in the past few years, SIGMOD is likely to last for three full days, leaving 1 day (June 13) for all workshops. Workshops that run for half or 3/4 of a day are also possible. Further inquires should be sent to:

Yannis Ioannidis
SIGMOD Vice-chair.

Submission Guidelines

  • Proposals must be submitted by email to and must contain the information described at (for sponsored or co-sponsored workshops) or at (for workshops held in cooperation with SIGMOD).
  • Having a website for the workshop already prepared at submission time would be very desirable.
  • Note that one required item is the written agreement of the workshop proceedings copyright holder (e.g., ACM Press, Kluwer,Springer-Verlag) to allow the workshop proceedings to appear on the SIGMOD DISC. Depending on the publisher involved, it may require considerable lead time to obtain this permission.
  • Another item required by ACM for in-cooperation conferences is proof of liability insurance, which can also require considerable lead time to obtain.


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